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good morning and welcome to "news 4 midday." i'm aaron gilchrist in for barbara harrison. it's wednesday, july 13th, 2011. we begin with breaking news in capitol heights, maryland. we're getting pictures from chopper 4 that's over the scene of a water main break. this is in the 500 park of hampton park boulevard. water was gushing from that break, doing damage to the roadway there as well, obviously. water crews are just arriving on the scene. we have live pictures from chopper 4. it looks as though the water has stopped flowing. you can see some of the crews on the scene there as well.
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we'll continue to monitor this story and bring you more details as they become available. but for now, motorists should avoid hampton park boulevard, hampton park in the capitol heights area of maryland. at this hour, more breaking news from hyattsville. police there are looking for a murderer in prince george's county. a man was found dead in the 2300 block of 51st first place in hyattsville. news 4's melissa mollet is live on the scene for us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. police here cleared the scene a short time ago. they tell us the victim, a male, a black man in his 30s was found here earlier this morning, just up the alley here behind me. now, around 6:00 a.m., police got a call from someone here in the complex. the victim was found in the road in front of a seafood distribution warehouse. police at this point will not reveal how he died or if they believe he was killed here or perhaps killed someone else and dumped in this alley. the body has been taken to the
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medical examiner's office this morning. because of its industrial nature, this park is typically very quiet at night. >> detectives are canvassing the neighborhood, looking to talk to any witnesses who may have seen anything. they are reviewing any available videotape. an autopsy should be done this afternoon. and we are working to identify this person. >> reporter: now, prince george's county police tell me they do believe they know who this victim is. they are, at this point, trying to notify his family. a crime stoppers reward is being offered, so anyone with any information is urged to call police. live in hyattsville, news 4's melissa mollet. aaron, back to you. >> thank you. protesters are taking their cause to the capitol steps. keith silver arrested during a statehood rally in april got his day in front of a judge, but supporters will have to wait for any vindication. we've just learned that his trial has been postponed. news 4's tracee wilkins has more now from d.c. superior court.
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>> reporter: the group that's been making headlines for acts of civil disobedience on behalf of d.c.'s residents had another demonstration today, this time in front of d.c. superior court. they held signs saying "free d.c." with chains wrapped around their necks, all symbols of the struggle for d.c. statehood and what they call congress' infringement on d.c.'s home rule. today, keith silver took their case to court. >> well, hopefully some awareness and you know, getting people involved with the quest for d.c. statehood. >> reporter: silver is facing charges for disorderly conduct. he was the last to be arrested in a series of demonstrations on capitol hill. the largest protest was held near the heart senate office building in april of this year. the demonstration was in protest of cuts to d.c.'s budget made in a deal between house republicans and president barack obama. hundreds of protesters gathered. 41 were arrested, including mayor vincent gray and a number of d.c. city council members. while they decided to pay fines
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and won't appear in court, keith silver will. >> we stand on his shoulders today. we're here to support keith silber and support other people who are willing to come out and make a stand for democracy. >> reporter: and in september, several additional protesters will go before the court, including d.c.'s senator, michael brown. after a series of motions were made inside of the courtroom today, it was decided that this trial will be postponed, in part because the defense wants to call the mayor as one of its witnesses. in northwest, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. right now, jurors are hearing opening arguments in roger clemens' perjury trial. this morning we learned a little bit more about the jury that will decide his fate. it is dominated by women. there are ten women and only two men on that jury. prosecutors say the former star pitcher lied under oath three years ago when he told members of congress that he never used performance enhancing drugs during his career. clemens faces up to 30 years in prison if he's convicted. new today, crews are trying
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to figure out the best time to fix downed power lines, which closed the beltway in tyson's corner for hours overnight. construction workers accidentally brought down those wires while you were sleeping. that shut down both loops of 495. crews were able to fix the probable temporarily, allowing traffic to flow on the beltway for the morning rush hour. we'll turn now to the weather. another hot, humid day out there for us. a lot of folks woke up with temperatures in the 80s this morning. tom kierein joins us with the forecast. humid now, but it's going to get better, right? >> yeah, indeed. we've had the cloud cover increasing dramatically over the last couple of hours. as a result, the rapid rise in temperatures we had in just the last couple of hours has halted and right now we are holding steady in the upper 80s to around 90 degrees. right now reagan national's at 90 degrees. prince george county in the upper 80s. montgomery county, mid-80s. right now, arlington county, upper 80s, as is fairfax county. much of the region now, mid- and upper 80s. and over the last 12 hours, we've had this cloud cover
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coming in in advance of a cool front that is now crossing pennsylvania, that stretches back through central ohio and all the way into southern indiana. that front is going to continue to advance east, but as it the does move east, we have the possibility of a passing thundershower. but right now looking off to the west, that's a live view from the sky watcher camera. you can see, a few breaks in the clou clouds, a little blue showing through. as the afternoon progresses, we'll have our temperatures hold steady around 90. it may climb to the mid-90s by around 3:00, and we might have an isolated thundershower, but after that, the big form will be in the form of lower humidity and cooler temperatures. we'll talk about that, the relo at the rest of the week and weekend and more, coming up in just a little bit. metro is apologizing for delays and inconveniences caused by the heat wave. it got so hot some of the metal tracks expanded.
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when that happens, the rail loses its alignment. as a precaution, red line trains from silver spring to tacoma park were forced to share a single track. crews spent the night trying to reset the rails back to the proper alignment. two teens are in the hospital after they were hit crossing the the street to get to a festival. this happened last night on richey highway in maryland. they were working to the early heights carnival. crews airlifted the 17-year-old girl and an 18-year-old young man to baltimore shock trauma in critical condition. they were not in a crosswalk. the car that hit them stayed on the scene. your time right now is 11:07. coming up this morning, right now lawmakers on capitol hill holding a hearing to talk about airport security breaches since 9/11. we'll tell you just thouchow of the government says security is tested. and healthier kids meals.
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five french soldiers and one afghan civilian is dead after a bomb exploded in eastern afghanistan. three other soldiers and three afghanis were also wounded in that blast. the troops had been guarding a meeting of local leaders when a terrorist detonated the bomb. the attack comes a day after french president, nicolas sarkozy, announces that he's pulling out a quarter of france's 4,000 troops involved
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in nato-led operations in afghanistan by the end of next year. a new warning by president obama will likely overshadow the fourth straight day of debt negotiations today. the president said last night that he couldn't guarantee that social security checks and payments to veterans and the disabled would be with mailed on time if a deal isn't done by august 2nd. but republicans say a deal won't happen if democrats don't give up on tax hikes. >> our president thinks that he's got to condition any prescription to fix these programs on tax increases. again, if that's what he's looking for, we're not going there. >> senate gop leader mitch mcconnell also outlined a proposal that would give the president authority to raise the debt limit on his own in three separate installments over the next 18 months. but neither side has agreed to that plan. president obama and the democratic party raised more than $86 million for his re-election campaign in the past three months. his campaign manager just made
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that announcement a few hours ago. the president has a large fund-raising lead over republicans heading into the 2012 campaign. former massachusetts governor mitt romney has raised less than half the president's amount, about $35 million. it will apparently be the white house or bust for ron paul. the longtime texas congressman says he will not run for re-election to the house so he can concentrate on his run for president. paul says the growing support he's received for his 2012 presidential campaign convinced him that he should focus solely on his white house bid. he won a straw poll at the republican leadership conference last month. the 75-year-old has served in congress for 24 years. this afternoon, the body of former first lady betty ford will leave california and head to michigan. ford's body will lie in repose at the gerald ford museum in michigan tonight and tomorrow morning. yesterday, a memorial service was held in palm desert, california. ford was remembered for her outspoken support of women's right and for her legacy of helping those with substance abuse problems.
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former president bill clinton and former first lady barbara bush are expected to attend a private service tomorrow before the burial. mrs. ford's final resting place will be next to her husband at the ford museum. right now lawmakers on capitol hill are holding a hearing on airport security breaches since 9/11. the government has spent billions of dollars to enhance security since september 11th. according to the department of homeland security, more than 25,000 security breaches, that's an average of about seven per day, have happened at u.s. airports since november of 2001. republican congressman jason chaffetz says the number of security breaches is stunningly high. the national transportation agency says the number is a tiny fraction of the 5.5 billion passengers scanned in the past decade. ♪ >> a huge thank you to all the men and women at nasa who worked on the shuttle for the last three decades. >> elton john woke up a the shuttle crew this morning with
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his song, "rocket man." today the crew will unload supplies from space shuttle "atlantis" to the international space station. they brought along about a year's worth of food and clothes. "atlantis" is on a 13-day mission that will end nasa's 30-year shuttle program. we'll take a live look outside right now, and you can see a little bit of haze out there. 88 degrees already outside our studios here in upper northwest washington. and we are in for another hot day across the region. and then the change is coming. meteorologist tom kierein is here with all that for us. >> what kind of change? >> we want it better, we want it cooler, less humid, the whole nine yards. >> it could get hotter and more humid, but, no, no, no. it looks like we'll be improving. happy news for you. right now, we are still rather humid, and around the region, there's the live view from our city camera. there's the jefferson memorial, and you can see a little bit of summer haze in the air there. that's a live picture and we do have quite a bit of cloudiness around right now at reagan national. the temperature there is at 90
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degrees. and the dew point at 66. we'll sort of see this humidity level hold steady here in the moderate range for much of the afternoon. we've got a north-northwesterly breeze as well, around 5 to 10 miles an hour. that's going to continue to usher in somewhat lower humidity as we get into the afternoon hours. but right now, it's fairly pleasant, not too bad. now, let's take a look at the other temperatures around. we're in the 80s. shenandoah valley, all the way to the atlantic beaches, generally a little more humid there around southern maryland and at the beaches, and farther to our west and north, we're in the low to mid-80s there. and it's beginning to dry out in the mountains. some of that lower humidity beginning to move in there. and we do have on radar, no precipitation locally, but just across the pennsylvania border, here up into southeastern pennsylvania, from near harrisburg over to allentown, they're getting some showers, a little bit of thunder. that is heading off to the south and southeast towards philadelphia. but else with where, farther to our west, radar scanning the
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sky, not picking up any storms. but the wider view is showing some other thunderstorm activity. now, that has been moving through southern west virginia. that's just now coming into southwestern virginia. the main front is still way off to our west and north. it's now just coming in to central ohio, through western pennsylvania. it's right near pittsburgh right now. and that's going to continue to advance to the south. now, as we go forward over the next 48 hours, the futurecast shows quite a bit of cloudiness around for the rest of the afternoon. where you see this color, these are the zones of potential showers and maybe some thunder and lightning, especially this red area. this zone from southern st. mary's county in southern maryland all the way down toward culpepper, that area could get some storms later this afternoon. this would be about like 5:00 this afternoon. and then after that, they'll quickly move off to the south and east and we'll dry out and we'll clear out overnight. in fact, by about 11:00, our skies should be mostly clear this evening and then by dawn tomorrow, off to a clear start with temperatures much cooler
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and much more comfortable for thursday during the day. we'll have just a few high clouds coming into thursday night. then during the day on friday, we'll have just a few clouds around, and still not much humidity around as well. so there's the sky looking over washington now, and you can see quite a bit of cloudiness now over northwest, off in the distance is prince george's county. by 1:00, we'll be perhaps in the low 90s and then maybe mid-90s by around midafternoon. and then late afternoon, we'll have the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm coming through with temperatures, right around 90 degrees by late afternoon. now for the evening, we should be back down to near 80 by midevening, and by then, we should be clearing out, so generally any storms around will be between about 5:00 this afternoon through about 8:00 this evening, around the metro area. a little bit earlier, though, farther west and north. and then, during the day on thursday, beautiful weather. low 60s in the morning, afternoon highs mid-80s with lots of sunshine.
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more of the same on friday, although we may have a few more clouds around on friday. and then over the weekend, saturday, looking partly cloudy. still not very humid. highs, mid-80s. and there's a small chance of a storm mainly west of washington saturday afternoon and evening. then sunday, monday, tuesday, well, it has to come back. >> yeah. >> we'll be heating up too, maybe near 90 on monday, low to mid-90s on tuesday, might get storms around on tuesday. and that's the way it looks. >> but people just want the weekend to be good, and they can deal with everything else. >> we're going to be all right. looks good at the beaches too. going to be a great beach weekend. >> thank you, tom. still ahead on "news 4 midday," how to safely treat depression in pregnant women. and she's a judge on the food network show "cupcake wars," sprinkles founder candace nelson shares some decorating tips with us.
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she has been called the pioneer of the current cupcake kras. candace nelson opened one of the first all-cupcake restaurants in the country. she joins us with some decorating tips and to tell us more about "cupcake wars." thanks for being here. >> great to be here. >> and i really appreciate this whole spread right here. >> i never arrive without cupcakes. people would boo me out of the studio here. >> we're glad they're here.
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we'll talk about cupcakes in a second. first, i need to ask you. you were an investment banker, and somehow made that switch and decided, no, i'm going to go into cupcakes and open a shop in beverly hills. how did that happen? >> that was seven years ago now, which is crazy to think about. i started in investment banking and then i thought, i've got to get into baking, because it was my passion. it was really just a story of following my passion and taking a big risk. because at the time, there was no such thing as a cupcakes only bakery. sprinkles in beverly hills seven years ago was first one. and it's inspired this national phenomenon of cupcake bakeries and even a tv show on the food network. >> it's done so well for you, and you have a shop in georgetown on "m" street, two blocks east of wisconsin. >> at 30th. it's been great. we've been here for a few months and have had such a fantastic reception from the people of d.c. i'm in town for the next few days, so come on by and say hi
11:23 am
and we'll have a cupcake. >> what is it about your cupcakes? what makes them so special? >> sprinkles are made from the very best ingredients, they're hand crafted on site and baked fresh all day long. they're literally hand crafted from beginning to end. i'll show you how with we frost our cupcakes. we frost every single one by hand with these spatulas, which is very labor intensive, but that's essentially what we do. it's a labor of lug and all about making the best-taking cupcake there is. >> ingredient wise, do you just try different things and come up with your own sort of -- what the cupcakes are made of. >> i'm a mad scientist in the kitchen and my husband is a very dutiful taster, so we have the toughest jobs in the world. this salty caramel, the cupcake i brought today, is one of our most popular seasonal flavors. >> salty caramel? >> and it's coming back on friday. come by the bakery and try it. it's part of this new food trend we're seeing, which is sweet and savory. we see it all the time
11:24 am
"cupcake wars," people mixing flavors you wouldn't normally image with cupcakes. it's a caramel-based cupcake made with caramel butter cream frosting, and we spring salt on top. so you have the crunch of the salt on top with the sweetness of the caramel. i'm going to frost one right now so you can see how it's done. >> walk us through. do you want me to try this too? >> i would love for you to. >> i love this part, because it makes me look like a pro, but go for it. we start with a large dollop of frosting on top of our cupcake, and then we just kind of put it out to the edges, smooth it to the edges of the cupcake, and just use a spatula to smooth out the frosting -- >> now, wait a minute! look at that. that's not fair. >> for a first-timer, that is awesome. and this is what i'm talking about, these large granules of
11:25 am
fleur desill on top. it makes that mixture so divine. >> that's as good as mine is going to get. >> and sprinkles is known for the signature modern dot on top. each cupcake sort of owns its own decoration. >> can you eat that? >> it's absolutely edible. like a hard candy. and we also have really fun custom decorations. if you're a baseball fan, we have nationals decorations here. uva, where my husband went to school right here, in georgetown, of course, we have to represent. we've got our georgetown store. >> excellent. let me ask you about cupcake wars. you're a judge on the show. tell us a little bit about what that's like and how much you have to taste while you're -- i'm going to taste this while you talk. >> please! cheers. i don't want you to eat alone. "cupcake wars" is a hit show on the food network. the third season is airing right now, we're about to start filming the fourth season. it's on tuesday nights at 8:00 and reairs every sunday night.
11:26 am
i encourage everyone to tune in this sunday night because there's actually a d.c. bakery on the show. and it's a returning champions show. but it's a really fun show to film, and of course, i have to taste all of these cupcakes. >> a tough job? >> a very tough job. >> this is good! this is the --? >> the salty caramel cupcake, and people go wild for this cupcake. >> i love this. and i'm not even a huge fan of caramel. this is great. >> it's not around all the time, so you have to catch it while you can. we have lots of seasonal flavors, some are cherries, coming up, lots of fun stuff. >> i'm a fan. the congressional cupcake wars being held thursday at the raeburn house office building. tell us about that. >> we have 17 congressional staffers that are duking it out for the title of best cupcakes in d.c. and as part of the competition, sprinkles is giving $10,000 to fisher house. so it's a charitable event, it's open to the public, come out and see everybody duke it out. it's going to be lots of fun.
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>> and fisher house helps our war wounded? >> military families. >> all right. well, we appreciate you coming. thank you for bringing sprinkles. >> my pleasure! >> and sprinkles in georgetown, so get by and check them out. appreciate you coming in. >> thank you so much. coming up in the next half hour of "news 4 midday," parents looking for healthier -- maybe not that -- healthier options for your kids at restaurants. you'll get new choices. this morning's announcement on that. and tom kierein joins us with an update on the heat and humidity. good news about tomorrow. and back in action, the women of the u.s. soccer team return to the field today after this weekend's dramatic win over brazil.
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right now on "news 4 midday," water crews are on the scene of a water main break in the 500 block of hampton park boulevard. that's in capitol heights, maryland. as you can see, water was gushing from that break just a short time ago, doing a lot of damage to the raoadways as well. it was a 20-inch water main that broke. hampton park boulevard closed right now between edgeworth and hampton overlook place. traffic moving again on the beltway in tyson's corner. overnight, a crane took down some power lines. that shut down traffic in both directions, causing a major mess for more than three hours. it also caused power outages for neighbors. the construction crew was working on the hot lanes project there. crews made a temporary fix in time for the morning rush, but
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they will eventually need to make a permanent fix. the trial has been postponed for one of the 74 people arrested during rallies for d.c. voting rights. anc commissioner keith silver was in court this morning on charges of disorderly conduct and blocking passage. the postponement comes in part because the defense wanted to call mayor vincent gray as one of their witnesses. the new today, about 20 national restaurant chains are making a commitment to provide healthier menu items for kids. burger king, chili's ihop, and friendlies are among the restaurants leading this initiative. about 15,000 locations nationwide will start serving more fruits and vegetables along with laner meets and whole grains. things like burgers and fries will still be on the kids' menus, but the healthy items will be promoted more and offered by servers more regularly. right now crews are raising a new roof at the metrodome in minneapolis. you might remember, heavy snow
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from a winter storm caused that roof to collapse last december. now seven months later, crews are reinflating the ten acres of fiberglass that make up the new roof. that fabric is stronger than steel. the work should be done in time for the vikings' preseason games. want to check in with meteorologist tom kierein with one more time with a look at our forecast. hey, tom. >> hey, aaron. well, we've had half a sunny start this morning, quite a bit of cloudiness rolling in over the last couple of hours. as a result, that has stopped the meteoric rise of temperatures we had this morning. in fact, by 10:00, we were already near 90. but it's been holding steady near 90 since then. we'll climb another five degrees for the high later this afternoon. right now, the radar scanning the the sky, getting some precipitation to our north across pennsylvania border and southeast pennsylvania. that's ahead of a front that's beginning to head into pennsylvania and ohio. that front will drip through our region later this afternoon. as it does come through, we have the possibility of an isolated thunderstorm late afternoon or
11:33 am
perhaps early they think. and then after that, lower humidity moves in and some very nice weather for the next several days. we'll take this for mid-july. morning lows in the 60s, afternoon highs in the mid-80s tomorrow, friday, and saturday. now, saturday afternoon, there is a small chance of some storms, perhaps around the blue ridge and shenandoah valley into the mountains. but elsewhere, only a very slight chance of any storms over the weekend. we will get some more humidity. it will begin to creep back in on sunday with highs in the upper 80s. then, monday, tuesday, getting rather humid again. could get some storms around on tuesday. that is the way it looks right now. aaron? >> all right, tom, thank you. we are following a developing story out of brooklyn, new york, right now. one man has been arrested by police after a missing 8-year-old boy's remains were found inside a refrigerator. leiby kletzky was last seen two days ago with a 38-year-old man. the suspect's name has not been released at this point. investigators say several body
11:34 am
parts were in the suspect's refrigerator. other evidence was found in a suitcase in a dumpster. the montgomery county council will hold a public hearing in two weeks to discuss a curfew proposal. the curfew would apply to minors, which the county defines as those 18 years old and under. it would ban minors from public places from 11:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. on weeknights and from midnight until 5:00 a.m. on the weekends. police say the curfew will help cut down on juvenile crimes like vandalism. and if minors are caught out after hours, parents may have to attend parenting classes as punishment. it's going to be tougher to light up in montgomery county. the council also approved a new smoking ban. beginning august 12th, smoking will not be allowed in the common areas of apartment buildings and town house complexes. that includes hallways, laundry rooms, and lobbies. smoking will also be banned been 25 feet of playgrounds on those public properties. the council says the measure is aimed at preventing secondhand
11:35 am
smoke. those opposed to the bill say it is too intrusive. a proposal that would have let the d.c. government distribute guns is off the table for now. council member phil mendelson withdrew that bill yesterday. it would have allowed the district government to operate as a temporary gun dealer. there's been a temporary ban on handguns in d.c. since the district's sole dealer lost his lease and closed up shop earlier this year. mayor vincent gray's administration is working with charles sykes to find a new location for his business. if sykes is not able to open a new location, mendelson says he will introduce the bill. d.c. council members tommy welles is back at work this morning, but without his high-profile committee position after a surprise political shake up. council chair kwame brown stripped him of his chairmanship yesterday. many are calling this political playback by brown. welles wrote a scathing report last winter, criticizing brown for using government money to rent two luxury suvs. but brown says he wasn't
11:36 am
punishing anybody and he just wanted to make the council more productive. >> it seems like they're consolidating your power and your influence within dounthe council. >> if so, why don't you just say that? >> i don't believe that's all the way necessarily true, tom. i do understand it can seem that way, but that's not the intent or anything like that. >> wells has used his twitter account, saying, "i was impressed, i had no support for my colleagues." he also went on to say he wouldn't do anything different. and he ended with positive thoughts, "so back to work in the am. we are in a great city at an amazing time. together we will make magic." the grand jury will now hear evidence in the case of a man accused of molesting children at his own daughter's slumber party. 47-year-old michael gardner is married to falls church councilwoman robin gardner. three girls testified yesterday he touched them inappropriately
11:37 am
during separate sleepovers at his house. gardner is the father of 10-year-old twins. he's out on bond, but can't go home or have contact with his kids. a family in haymark in virginia is thankful to have their dog back. the 3-year-old great pyrenees was in a crate inside the car, jack and charlotte perry were driving sunday afternoon. the couple crashed head-on into a winnebago near shady oak lane. charlotte died and somehow cricket escaped from her crate and took off. they're glad to have cricket back to help them deal with the pain of losing mrs. perry. there could be another hitch in finding the money to pay for metro's extension into dulles. fairfax county leaders now say that will not take on a larger role in phase 2 of that project unless the state of virginia commits to putting more money towards pinpoint the county's board of supervisors raised the concern after bob mcdonnell said the state didn't have plans to put anymore money towards that
11:38 am
project. we have a traffic alert now if you drive through silver spring. you could run into some trouble along new hampshire avenue in the coming months. lanes will be closed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. at ad adelphi road. that project should be completed next spring. building new homes will essentially be banned in a large part of southern prince george's county. a resolution was introduced over concerns that residential growth had outpaced road improvements. originally, it banned all building, but was changed to allow commercial and home projects already under way. the county council passed that bill 8 to 1 yesterday. some council members fear that if roads cannot handle residential traffic, it will be hard for police and fire departments to do their jobs. still ahead on "news 4 midday," fighting foam cramming. what congress is doing to fight the extra fees. plus, how
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new this midday, rupert murdoch's news corp says it has given up its offer to buy british sky broadcasting. it is the latest fallout from the phone hacking scandal involving his papers in britain. murdoch also denies his company's "sun" newspaper illegally obtained former prime minister gordon brown's son's health records. scotland yard investigators say there may be as many as 4,000 victims in the hacking scandals
11:42 am
done by murdoch's papers. >> i think it's something like 3,778 names, first and second names in the database. >> we were unable to spread the inquiry further with news international because of their refusal to cooperate more broadly. >> actor hugh grant was one of the targets in the phone hacking scandal. he talked about the latest backlash toward murdoch this morning on the "today" show. >> he had the power through his papers to get them elected and his paper knew, you know, dirty details about details about individual mps, so they were unwilling to take him on. up until three weeks ago, all politicians in our country were sucking up to rupert murdoch and drinking champagne on his lawn in the summer country. so it's kind of comical that the today they're all competing to say he's a terrible person. >> murdoch is scheduled to testify before parliament next tuesday. he shut down his tabloid, "news
11:43 am
of the world" publication last week, among allegations that it hacked people's cell phones for stories that would appear in the country. it's called phone cramming. it's been targeting land line users for years, but now it's also affecting cell phone users. the practice adds fees for phone users never agree to or authorize and it costs americans millions each year. now the senate has released a port that shows the secret deals between carriers and crammers and just how much money is being made. >> the phone companies make money off this practice, because every time something shows up, which is of a cramming nature on one of their bills, they will make one or two dollars. >> it may not sound like much, but carriers have made more than $650 million since 2006 on cramming charges. now, the fcc wants to require phone companies to tell customers how to block those
11:44 am
charges and require them to separate additional charges on monthly bills. and get ready to switch on a new kind of lightbulb. energy efficient bulbs will become the new norm starting next year. the house failed to pass a bill last night that would have kept old incandescent lightbulbs on the market. those bulbs have gone pretty much unchanged since thomas edison invented them. they'll be phased out by 2020. new energy standards for lightbulbs were passed in 2007, but republicans say they allow the government to dictate which products consumers can buy. stocks are starting the die higher after federal reserve chairman ben bernanke said he would consider several options to get the economy going again. let's check in with cnbc's eamon javers. he joins us live now with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. you're right, a rally is underway on wall street. the dow is up 141, the nasdaq is up 41, and the s&p 500 is up 16, driving the excitement on wall street with federal reserve chairman ben bernanke, who told congress this morning that the fed could add new stimulus if
11:45 am
the economy continues to struggle. that could entail additional asset purchases, he said, the clearest indication yet that the central bank is contemplating another round of monetary easing. bernanke also said in his prepared remarks that the economy is growing more slowly than expected. meanwhile, netflix hiked prices for customers who use both its mail and online services. customers in the united states who want both services will pay $7.99 per month to rent one dvd at a time plus $7.99 for unlimited streaming for a total of $15.98 per month, the company said on tuesday. the previous cost of its plan was $9.99 a month. and in the uk, media mogul rupert murdoch dropped his $12 billion bid for broadcaster bskyb amid an explosive telephone hacking scandal. murdoch had hoped to buy out the 61% of the company that his news corporation doesn't already own, but revelations that a reporter for newspapers he owned hacked
11:46 am
into the voice mails of british politicians and celebrities have scotched that deal. aaron, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much. it is supposed to be one of the happiest times of a woman's life, but recent studies suggest that up to 20% of women suffer from mood or anxiety disorders during pregnancy. dr. joshua winer is here to talk about the symptoms and how that can be treated. and you were telling me, this is sort of a tricky thing when it comes to pregnant women. let's start with the symptoms of depression. >> so the reason it's a tricky thing is because many of the symptoms that we use to define depression are common symptoms of pregnancy. so things like irritability, changes in appetite, changes in energy all are normal symptoms of pregnancy and they're all symptoms of depression. you would also, though, when you're trying to look to see whether somebody has depression during pregnancy, or just depression in general, be looking at how sad are they? are they so sad they're having a difficult time getting ready? get up, going to work, going about their normal day? are they having suicidal thoughts? are they feeling really hopeless
11:47 am
and helpless? you really have to look at the whole picture and assess how much of an effect it's having on their daily functioning to help you determine whether they're developing depression or experiencing depression. >> in pregnant women, is there sort of a threshold? if some of those things are normal for pregnancy, is there a point at which you say, you know what, let me go to a doctor and get myself checked out? >> this is the tricky thing that i tell everybody about psychiatry in general. everything is normal to a point. where does it cross the fine line that it becomes a problem? if you're really struggling, been struggling for a few weeks, aren't getting better, people have been telling you you're not yourself, go to a doctor and see if the doctor thinks there's something that needs to be done. >> how do you then treat a pregnant woman with depression? >> there are two main treatments, therapy, interpersonal therapy or cognitive therapy, or medication. so a lot of people the big issue
11:48 am
is, is it safe for me to take medication during pregnancy? that's what everybody wants to know. it's estimated that 13% of women will take an antidepressive medication during their pregnancy. in general, studies anticipate that antidepressants, particularly the newer antidepressants, they are shown to be safe during pregnancy. but i do have a caveat to that. there are some things that people need to be aware of. number one is that antidepressants during pregnancy have been shown to cause a slightly increased risk in a particular heart defect called a ventricular heart defect. another one is called persistent pulmonary hypertension, where there's high blood pressure in the main artery leading from your heart to your lungs. these are very scary things, but you have to keep in mind that the risk associated with taking antidepressants is present, but the likelihood of having one of these disorders is incredibly small. so the likelihood of developing one of these for a woman who
11:49 am
takes an antidepressant is about 1 in 500. so we're talking about a low risk. but it is something people need to be aware of. >> it sounds like you need to make sure that your psychiatrist and your obgyn know each other -- >> and are making treatments jointly. >> what about the risks of not getting treated for depression during pregnancy can? >> the woman will be more likely to have poor diet, follow the recommendations of her ob/gyn, from impaired sleep. these are all dangerous for the developing baby, so not getting treatment carries risks also. >> so let's say you've got a woman who's already on an antidepressant for whatever reason and she becomes pregnant. any advice for people in that situation? >> my recommendation is you really have to talk to your doctor and go over your particular situation, but in general, any advice would be this -- i think that if you fine
11:50 am
out that you're pregnant and it's obviously early on in the pregnancy, you should try to stop the antidepressant. as long as your mood has been generally pretty good. as long as you're not experiencing a major depressive episode at that time, i think you should try to get off medication, because the first t trimester is really the time where the baby's going about its most rapid development. and the likelihood of the baby having problems is more likely timed to the baby being exposed to an antidepressant during the first trimester. i try to get people off medications during the first trimester. it's generally thought to be safe to be on antidepressants the during the second trimester. but babies who are born after a woman's been on medication after her third trimester are a little bit more attentive. it's almost like an antidepressant withdrawal that the newborn develops, but that's not dangerous to the baby. >> i find out today i'm pregnant, stop with that and then go see my psychiatrist and
11:51 am
make sure -- >> no, i would say see the psychiatrist first, talk it over and -- >> okay, exactly. >> don't just stop. >> dr. joshua weiner, appreciate the lesson. hopefully good information for women out there who are pregnant or thinking about getting pregnant. appreciate your time. >> thanks, aaron. the time right now is 11:51. coming up, today's the test for the women of the u.s. soccer team.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
you could be putting your life into your own hands if you take part in spain's famous running of the bulls. even if you're not gored by a bull or trampled by the other runners. cardiologists say your heart beat can jump so quickly, you're at risk of having a heart attack. one doctor monitored an experienced runner's heart during the race. it jumped from 60 to 190 beats per minute during that 25-second race. his pulse jumped to 140 beats per minute when he was just waiting for the race to start. doctors say the mere fear of being gored could cause stress hormones to spread and make your heart work faster. in just a matter of minutes, the with u.s. women's soccer team will try to keep its magic ride going today in the women's world cup. the u.s. takes on france in the semifinals. that game starts at noon. the team is coming off one of the most thrilling games in u.s. soccer history. a big win over brazil in the quarter finals.
11:55 am
amy womback scored to tie the game with just moments left. prince william with county native alli krieger scored the winning goal. for the second year in a row, the national league will have home field advantage in the world series, and the nats' lone all-star is getting at least some of the credit. the nl defense was able to throw a base runner out at home. it was the last time the american league threatened to score. then prince fielder crushed a ball to dead center to give the national league a 3-1 lead and they never looked back from there, which enabled clifford to get the win. this is the second year in a row a nats' pitcher has been credited with the win. last year matt capps got the curly "w" there. the redskins are installing thousands of solar panels in a fedex field parking lot. the team says the panels will generate enough electricity for some of the power needed to run
11:56 am
the stadium on game days. the project could be completed in time for the start of the 2011 season. of course, assuming that there is a 2011 season. the solar panels will reduce more than just the stadium's energy use, too. they'll also reduce the parking capacity at fedex field's platinum a-1 parking lot. that's where those panels are being built. let's take a look now at some of the stories we're working on for news 4 this afternoon. coming up on news 4 at 4:00, a return to the big screen. the governator set to start in a new film. plus, a medical milestone. the world's first ever leg transplant from the doctor who did the world's first face transplant. and consider yourself warned. a local county wants to add 100 new speed cams, but there's debate over where to put them and who it really benefits. that's tonight at 5:00. time now for a final check on our forecast. tom kierein join us again with all those details. hey, tom. >> we've been holding steady now, near 90 for the last couple of hours. and thanks to the cloud cover,
11:57 am
we're not going to warm up much more. right now it's at 91 at reagan national, as we approach the noon hour. these are the latest temperatures. it is near 90 throughout much of the region now, though out in the months, it's in the 80s. and the radar showing a few showers now, just trying to enter for a northeastern maryland. that is ahead of a front that's now crossing pennsylvania and into southern ohio, coming into the mountains. and it will be into the metro area later this afternoon. so there's a small chance of an isolated storm. before then, into the mid-90s. then lower humidity and pleasant weather coming in with cooler temperatures thursday, friday, and saturday. saturday afternoon, there's a small chance of a storm, mainly west of washington, then getting a little more humid on sunday. highs, upper 80s, near 90 monday and tuesday. and maybe some storms tuesday. we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> all right. thank you, tom. so how about this? you go on a game show to find the man of your dreams. this casanova wows you with his suave dance moves. you're thinking, you're going to live happily ever after, maybe. there's just one problem, though, he is a convicted
11:58 am
killer. that's right, this escaped convict decided the best way to avoid being seen and identified by anybody was to go where everybody could see him, on national tv. he was a contestant on a dating show 13 years after escaping from prison. surprise, surprise, to him, though, somebody recognized him and called police. now he's doing these dance moves behind bars again. not the smartest guy out there. all right, "news 4 midday" is it, that's it for today. be sure to tune in for news 4 until 4:00 until 7:00 for all the day's news this evening and hope to see you tomorrow. have a good one.
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